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Point of Sale Solutions

Merchant Cashback offers credit card processing solutions across all payment environments!

Card Present- Brick & Mortar Businesses

If you have a business with a physical presence (Brick & Mortar) and take payments in person, Merchant Cashback offers a variety of Point of Sales Solutions including:

  • POS Terminals (Multi-Application capacity)
  • Smart Terminals
  • Pin Pads
  • POS Systems

All our terminals are chip enabled and PCI Council compliant to protect your customers and business alike. 

Card Not Present Transactions- Mail Order/E-Commerce/Telephone Order (MOTO)

Merchant Cashback offers multiple Gateways & Virtual Terminals options for your business to collect payments from your customers. Our platforms give you the ability to securely vault card information, and produce invoices. Convert your computer, tablet, or mobile device into a Point of Sale Terminal and start processing payments today!

Mobile Payments

Many businesses today operate on the go. With the computing power of smart phones, combined with our secure payment applications, you can take card payments anywhere and at anytime. When you open an account with Merchant Cashback, you will be able to start taking payments right away without having to invest in costly equipment, or paying high monthly fees.

POS Systems

POS Systems are tailored for different industries. Each Industry has particular needs, and POS vendors do a great job creating modules that are business type specific. A POS System can do more than a payment terminal because they are integrated with other peripherals such as bar code scanners, scales, printers, and cash registers. Combining multiple hardware solutions and applications enables a business to implement a full payment system that maximizes its efficiency. A POS System is ideal for businesses that have a great quantity of SKUs, menu items, modifiers, inventory, multi-location, appointment based operations, etc. It used to be that POS Systems would cost thousands of dollars and be cost prohibitive for small businesses. Thankfully, with the advent of tablets and cloud computing, businesses of all sizes can now benefit from POS Systems. Contact Merchant Cashback for help implementing the POS System that is right for your business.

Wireless POS Terminals

A Wireless Terminal is a Point of Sale terminal that uses the cellular telephone networks to transmit and receive card processing data.
Wireless terminals transmit card data using the cellular or satellite 3G network directly from the handset. These terminals usually run on rechargeable batteries and can be used anywhere with mobile network coverage. Wireless terminals are great for services that require collecting payments outside a brick and mortar store, such as stadiums, taxis, and outdoor vendors.

Level 3 Processing

If you sell B2B, a government entity, or some other high ticket merchant that there is a way to actually lower the interchange rate that you’re currently paying. By entering just a few extra fields at the time of transaction, the card brands consider this a lower risk, therefore lowering your cost. This data is normally data you’re already collecting at the time of the order. Many processors either don’t tell you about this, don’t know about it, or don’t have a solution for their customers. Merchant Cashback has multiple gateways and solutions we can utilize to ensure you get the discounts you deserve.

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